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Top 10 Most Common Questions

1. Why did I not get an eTicket?
a. If your order was completed without error, click here to to retrieve your eticket
b. If you entered an invalid email address, click here to retrieve your eticket ( use the invalid email as login id)

2. My credit card is charged but I did not get an eTicket
please read answer #1
b. if you did not resolve (or retrieve) your order (from answer #1) then your order did not go through
c. Your order was declined and our payment system did a pre-authorization on your credit card, BUT DID NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD (YOUR FUND WILL CLEAR THE NEXT DAY)
d. Your order was declined and it can be a combination of reasons
(i) you used a foreign credit cards (ii) you entered the incorrect billing address and card code #(iii) we only accept US Visa/MasterCard

2a. My credit card is charged but I did not get an eTicket nor any receipt
a. From answer #1, if you can't retrieve your eticket then you probably made an error during your check out
b. Please email us at

3. How long is the bus trip? (New York <-> Boston)?
. The trip takes approximately 4hrs, ( assuming normal
b. Our Bus Driver may stop at ( Roy Rogers or McDonald, and others pit stop) for a 10 minutes break

4. Why can't I print out the eTicket?
If for any reasons you can't access the printer or if your printer is not working, then please write down the confirmation number or CN# and bring a valid picture ID

5. What if I brought the wrong (ticket) destination?
If  you purchased the wrong ticket destination then this is what you have to do;
a. Bring a copy of your eticket to the bus station (1/2 hour before your departure time)
b. Ask the staff at the bus station to change your destination

6. Can I take the Bus an hour earlier or later from my ticket departure time?
a. The ticket is good only for that specific day/destination/time only
b. We do not guarantee it, but in most cases you can take the bus one hour earlier or later ONLY if the bus still have seats ( During the weekend we recommend our customer be there 1/2 hour before their

7. How far in advance do sell online tickets?
Currently we sell ticket 4 weeks in advance

8. Do you accept phone order ?
NO, you can purchase the ticket at either the Bus Station or online

9. How do I contact Fung Wah Bus Company
a. New York Bus Station Phone # is (212) 925-8889 (for all general questions)
b. Boston Bus Station Phone # is (617) 345-8000
c. Online Ticket Customer Service :

10. Where is your Bus Station Located?
Please go to map

Accept Credit Cards
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