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Ticket Policy

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TICKETS & CONFIRMATION - Immediately after successfully check out, customer will receive an order confirmation and eTickets by email.

NONREFUNDABLE - NO REFUND WOULD BE GRANTED. Please check the selected schedule information carefully before check out, ticket purchases are final and are not refundable or changeable. Duplicate transactions are also not refundable because duplicate transactions block other customers from purchasing tickets. There will be no refund or reschedule for any unused or partly used services.

CONDITION OF USE - (1) The ticket is valid only for the date and time stated on the ticket. (2) Customer have to bring a valid ID and a printout of the eTickets (confirmation email) at boarding for ID Check. (3) Ticket Holder name (s) on e-ticket have to match passenger's (or one of the passengers') name. (4) The printout of eTickets must be signed by customer as proof of boarding. (5) **Passenger must arrive 30 minutes prior departure time, otherwise the seat might be sold to others.

SCHEDULES - Every effort will be made to operate according to published schedules. Circumstances sometimes develop beyond our control, such as weather or traffic delays and accordingly bus companies cannot hold itself responsible for errors in timetables, inconveniences or damage resulting from delayed buses. Connections cannot be guaranteed and schedules are subject to change.

BUS CANCELLATION - Customer is encouraged to check on Fung Wah Bus ( Website - Weather Update for any bus cancellation notice on selected bus.

AN OPEN TICKET WOULD BE GRANTED. Bus company reserves the right to cancel buses due to weather/traffic/coach condition. If customer purchased for a ticket which the bus is canceled, customer must initiate a open ticket request within 7 days after the departure date. An Open Ticket will be issued only if the cancellation was verified by bus company. NO REFUND WOULD BE GRANTED FOR BUS CANCELLATION. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED on all buses.

BICYCLES - Bicycles may be transported, customer has to call the bus company in advance to confirm space availability.

CHILDREN扴 FARES - Children are not allow to ride in the lap of an adult, when traveling with a passenger paying adult fare, will be charged as adult fee. Children up to 2 years old will be transported free when not occupying a seat at the exclusion of another passenger. When unaccompanied children are traveling, the full adult fare will be charged.

SERVICE FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES- Fung Wah Bus provide person with disabilities service according to the Federal Disabilities Guideline. You must call us 617.338.8308 or 617.345.8000 or 212.925.8889 48 hrs BEFORE boarding. We'll arrange the bus service for you.

PETs - pets prohibited, except a trained "service animal" accompanying a legally disable person. The owner of the service animal assumes all responsibility for controlling the animal, and assumes any liability resulting from the conduct or actions of the animal.

TEN MIN. REST - If A 10 MIN. STOP IS INCLUDED IN THE SCHEDULE, PASSENGERS ARE STRICTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING TO THE COACH ON TIME. If a passenger is abandoned as a courtesy to our clients, Fung Wah Bus will make every effort to find alternative transportation.

BAGGAGE OR LUGGAGE ?Baggage will be limited to 1 piece per adult ticket, plus carry on baggage. Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR MISPLACED BAGGAGE.

OBJECTIONABLE PERSONS - Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs or who is unable to take care of oneself or to any person whose conduct is such, or likely to be such, as to make one objectionable to other passengers.

CELL PHONES ?"Limited" with respect and courtesy to your fellow passengers.

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