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Bus Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to contact Fung Wah Bus?
The best way to contact Fung Wah Bus is: to visit our website
or via email:

You also can reach us by phone:
New York City    Tel: (212) 925-8889
Boston Office       Tel: (617) 345-8000

2. What will Fung Wah Bus do with my credit card number?
When you place an order through our website, we send your credit card number and order to the merchant using a completely secure transmission method. We do NOT store your credit card in our database

3. How do I know my order is complete?
Your order is complete: After clicking 'Submit' button and you'll receive an order confirmation message to your email box..

4. Is Fung Wah Bus Shopping secure?
Yes. Fung Wah Bus Shopping uses secure servers to protect your personal information, including your name, address, and credit card information. We use the Stronghold secure server. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form and not decoded until we or our merchant processors receive it. For added security, Fung Wah Bus does not store customers' credit card numbers for all successful transactions and does not save these credit card numbers for pending transactions for more than 7 days.

5. Can I save my billing information?
By registering with Fung Wah Bus, you can store your billing address. Then, as you check out from our shopping area, our software will retrieve your billing address. You won't need to re-enter your address information every time you order.

6. Why should I register for Fung Wah Bus?
Fast checkout and you do not have to re-enter your billing address and contact information

7. How do I use Fung Wah Bus website to purchase tickets?
Shopping online at Fung Wah Bus website is easy.
1. Go homepage select a "Destination"
2. Select available "Date"
3. Browse available "Time"

That's All. You can also use "Buy Tickets Online" feature for a quick search of available destination/date/time

8. Where are the bus stations located?
Please go to map and direction for more info.

9. Can I buy tickets at the station?
Yes, Stand-by tickets are subject to availability.

10. How long in advance do I need to arrive?
30 minutes!

11. How long does it takes from New York to Boston by bus?
It normally takes about 4-5 hours either from Boston to New York or from New York to Boston.

12. Can I reserve a ticket?
No. You can purchase the ticket online in advance

13. How to get to New York Manhattan Chinatown?
Please go to map and direction for more info.

14. How much luggage is allowed?
Normally a passenger is allowed to take one big piece of luggage.

15. Why can't I see the date on a schedule that I want to buy a ticket?
If the date is not available on a bus schedule, that means that the schedule for that date is fully booked. It is a good idea to purchase in advance if you are sure about your schedule.

16. Can I get refund after I purchased a ticket but could not make the trip?
Our current policy for bus tickets does not allow refund.

17. Can I pay by check?

NO, Currently accept Visa and Master Card only

18. Can I buy tickets for my friend?
Yes, please put your friend's name into "Ticket Holder Name' and use your credit card check out. If you also put your friend's email into "customer name", he or she can receive e-Tickets directly by email.

19. If I can't find date in schedules, what does it mean?
We only posted available date in our website. If you can't find date before last showed date in the tour, it means no service available or sold out.

20. Can I book multiple tickets under one name?
Yes, you can book multiple tickets under one name as long as you board the bus together.

21 Do I need a physical ticket? How to receive e-Ticket and how long to get it?
Yes. Via your email and normally you'll get eTicket within 10 minutes of your purchased

Accept Credit Cards
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